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Samsung is more profitable than Google in android ecosystem

Android has been at the forefront with the user base but it still has not been able to generate substantial revenues from the platform. samsung which is the most profitable manufacturer of android devices has been leading the race ever since it started to make nexus devices. Now reports have suggested that Samsung is generating higher revenue and profit as compared to Google. This is very essential as samsung holds Continue Reading…

Android 4.2.2 firmware leaked for Samsung Galaxy S3

Android has been known for its systematic updates that are released for nexus devices every now and then. But more importantly it has the OEMs who find it difficult to stay in sync with android updates for their devices. It has been often seen that the updates for android devices come out months after official release from google. This has caused a major issue of fragmentation. Samsung which has a Continue Reading…

Android app development and its Potential in economic sphere

Android is undoubtedly the most popular platform in the consumer market as the mobile OS from Google has been successful in capturing more than half of the smartphone market across the globe. The open source nature of Android has also made it a preferred choice among developers to create a huge application store. This attraction towards the platform has also been due to feature rich capabilities of android SDK (software Continue Reading…

Android and Samsung indisputably dominate Smartphone Market

There have been many reports that have indicated that android has been gaining from strength to strength with Samsung leading the race. Apple which was considered to be a pivotal smartphone has seen a lot of criticism over the years as many believe that its overall OS has become redundant with no new innovative features. The popularity of android has made Samsung reign as a global pioneer when it comes Continue Reading…

Android app developers have created a new era of development

Mobile application development has become the center stage for all smartphone platforms such as is Apple, Blackberry, Windows and Android. Among all of them Android application development has evolved to a much greater extent and created its own space in mobile market. Touted as the most widely used platform in terms of developers as well as user base, Android has come a long way since its inception in the mobile Continue Reading…