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Android Fragmentation might become a curse for its large userbase

Android has emerged as the most widely used mobile OS leaving behind iOS and capturing over 75% market share. This means that every three out of four smartphones that are shipped, run on android OS. The smartphones that run on Google’s android OS come in a slew of ranges. Due to this reason, the OS has seen a lot of criticism for the fragmentation that the manufactures and carriers have Continue Reading…

Google to unify android chat services under a single Babel messaging platform

There is no denying the fact that most of Google services are seen as superlative to their competitors. Although there are a range of services provided by the search giant, one aspect where it still hasn’t been able to make a park is social networking. There have been many attempts by the search giant to pull out a rabbit out of the hat hoping that it would mark the beginning Continue Reading…

Android could soon become a Notebook centric OS

Ever since the launch of Google Chromebook and Chrome OS, there have been many question flying across the corridors of Google blogosphere citing a possible merging of android and chrome OS. However Eric Schmidt rules out the possibility of this merger any time soon. Android which is the most popular mobile OS across the globe has seen a substantial rise in the recent years due to its open source platform. Continue Reading…

Rooting android device: follow or avoid

It is a great saying that technology market possesses two basic classes of users. First includes those who are quite satisfied with whatever is handed over to them and they use technology in the same way it is given to them. Second includes power users, who are more into holding most innovative technology and dynamic environment. Rooting is something which is meant for power user crowd. Rooting Android device means Continue Reading…

Why Facebook Home is home for only Android

When Facebook unwrapped its Home for Android, it was brought up into tiny pieces and bits by the online tech media, but not without the ample amount of criticism, most of which is concluded by the people who don’t use Facebook. Many of the tech blogger have forgotten that Facebook is the biggest social network, notwithstanding the fact that Google plus is even an excellent player in the market, Facebook Continue Reading…