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Jelly bean now holds one fourth of all Android users

Fragmentation is an issue that has been faced by Android for a long time which is why the platform has been criticised by users as well as android app developers. In the recent times Google however have made substantial ground in making its manufacturer partners to maintain a feasible update cycle in accordance to its own so that the issue of fragmentation can be minimized. It is quite strange that Continue Reading…

Facebook has launched “Home” -a threat to Google

Facebook has come up with its latest update, which is its Home user interface for Android users and is expected to be one the smartest move carried by social network mobile. New UI is promising to be entirely different from Android’s regular home screen and is prompt to feature Facebook’s new ads nearly in coming future. At the end Home may not return back as expected or even may not Continue Reading…

Accelerated features making Android better than iOS

Gone are the days when iPhone used to be touted as the penultimate smartphone holding whole technology market amiably and had certainly no competition in terms of design and amazing features. Android may have stepped late to the Smartphone market when the very first model launched in Q4 of 2008, but over the past few years, Google has been going through leaps and bounds with Samsung, Motorola, HTC and rest Continue Reading…

Facebook seems likely to go down the same road as Amazon with Android Platform

There have been speculations going around the blogosphere for a long period of time regarding a Facebook phone. Although smartphone manufacturer HTC has already tried its hand at a Facebook oriented phone in the past which was a big flop, this time around things seem more on a software front than hardware. The rumors are that the social network is coming out with a android smartphone forked the same way Continue Reading…

Google to add multi platform support for Chrome app store

It has been seen time and again, that Google has been forthcoming in helping developers enhance the overall development process. There have been many initiative in the past from the Search engine giant like SL4A (Scripting layer for android) due to which android app developers always prefer it over others. Moreover Google has always presented developers with rich APIs, SDKs as far as development for android and chrome app store Continue Reading…