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Android Takes Top Spot in Smartphone Market

The smartphone market has been a heated battlefield ever since 2008, when two big names, Apple as well as Google introduced their respective mobile OS. For the next five years however iOS had the top spot, with its superior user experience and huge database of mobile applications supporting its platform. But these days the position of Apple in the smartphone market is looking very dicey. Over the years it has Continue Reading…

Google adds WebGL support in latest Chrome for Android Beta

Recently when Google announced a beta channel of chrome for Android, there were a lot of happy faces in the developer community, who now had the chance to test new features before it rolled out as a stable release. The move was really appreciated and many thought that the search giant had done an impeccable job in keeping both chrome for desktop as well as chrome for Android in sync Continue Reading…

Android Application Development in a Nutshell

Android app store has been around for some time and has slowly and steadily crept towards the top spot held by the Cupertino behemoth. Being an open source platform, it has generated a lot of backing and support from the developers and have made it the most widely used mobile OS. Native Android applications usually requires Java programming language along with the Android SDK(software development kit). However there are many Continue Reading…

The security of Android Applications is a big issue

With over three fourth of smartphones currently in the market, running Android OS, Google has managed to make its mobile OS as the most preferred platform. Over the years, Google has been able to polish most aspects of Android, which had faced a lot of criticism. But still many believe that Android is less secure than its closest rival, iOS. Android has seen a lot of bashing for its fragmentation Continue Reading…

Google Opens Beta Channel for Chrome for Android

Google has been known to work closely with the developer community in order to make its products better. Chrome has been the most popular browser for the desktop devices for a long period of time and there has been a beta channel that Google has opened for the developers or users who want to test out the beta version of the browser before it is released for general public use Continue Reading…