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Near Field Communication

Smart phones have changed the way users look at communication. A device which was earlier meant just for making calls or sending and receiving text messages has now taken over the productivity, entertainment and information mobility solutions. The capabilities of a smartphone has increase multifolds with various new technologies.

NFC (Near Field Technology) is one such aspect which has transformed the communication between devices. Android has integrated the capabilities of NFC into the core services of its devices like making secure payments via Google Wallet and transferring files via Android Beam.

It basically uses a combination of hardware and software in the form of short range high frequency wireless communication to share data between two NFC capable devices. The real world capabilities of NFC are immense and we at Android software programming have a plethora of expertise in that aspect.

We have created applications that have utilized the capabilities of NFC in numerous ways. NFC can work in two different ways. One form of communication can be done between two NFC devices while another form of NFC communication can happen between one NFC device and a programmed NFC tag.

Our dedicated team of developers have created numerous pre-programmed NFC tags which can be customized as per the request of our clients. They vary in complexity ranging from simple read-only cards to more complex cards that offer cryptography calculation.

The services that we provide in the field of NFC can be applied to various categories:

  • Making Secure payments has been the optimal advantage of NFC. In the future we see it replacing our wallets and credit cards. With just a simple wave of NFC capable device users can make safe and secure payments.
  • NFC devices can also be used to send and receive data like images, document and files..
  • Many automobile manufacturers are looking into this new technology as a possible alternative to car keys.
  • Another area where NFC can revolutionize communication is travel tickets. It has always been seen that users find it a hassle to carry physical tickets. Rather than taking out a printed ticket and carrying it with them, users can have all of their ticket information on their NFC enable d devices in an encrypted form. While going through a checkpoint they can just wave their device in front of an NFC tag which would read their encrypted ticket information and process their boarding pass.
  • Health industry has seen its fare share of technology with many transformations taking place in this sector over the years. Using NFC tags to store all the information of the patients has helped doctors ease the access to relevant data. By just waving the wrist band of a patient over NFC reader, a doctor is able to gather all the details regarding ailments, and medical history of the patient.
  • Multi-player gaming is a sphere where NFC technology holds a lot of prospect. Just by tapping two NFC capable devices together, users can start a multi-player gaming session.
  • Establishments can use pre-programmed NFC tags at their entrances via which users can check-in on to various social networking websites by just tapping their smartphone.

There are many other areas where NFC can revolutionize communication. The developers at Android Software programming have been helping our globally present clients to be a part of that revolution. NFC has a promising future and it holds the key to a hassle free information sharing.

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